Take control of your Business !

Don’t settle. Better you control your business rather your business controls you!

Control Your Business

A successful business is the one which is comprehensively, efficiently and effectively controlled according to the size of the business. There are tools and methods which are more suitable for small businesses but may not suit larger businesses. Similarly, there are other tools and methods which are more appropriate for larger organisations. However, in either case, fundamentals remain the same. Entrepreneurs / Business managers always control business in a systematic yet disciplined manner. Generally, the process involves :

  1. Identification and appreciation of the business objectives.
  2. Identification of key business drivers with relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  3. Identification of relevant benchmarks and methods of comparison.
  4. Preparation of budgets including cashflow forecast.
  5. Documentation of all business processes and developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). For smaller business, it can be simply the introduction of checklists.
  6. Delegating authority and responsibility through clearly defined authority matrix.
  7. Implementation of a continual improvement program.

How we do it

Our business management experts take the following steps:

  1. We conduct a snap shot of your existing business i.e. Where You Are
  2. We sit with you and understand Where You Want to Be. We even help removing smokescreen enabling you to see your objectives more vividly.
  3. We present to you an Implementation Plan. With your input, plan is finalised.
  4. We help You Execute and Monitor in line with the prepared budgets.

At Devanch, our approach is simple, systematic and result oriented.

Want to control your Business ? All it requires is a willingness to IMPROVE followed by ACTION !


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