Bookkeeping Consultancy

Do you need a helping hand in certain specialized non routine accounting tasks?

Why you need help in certain specialized non routine tasks?

When business grow, business owners mainly focus towards operations. Under such circumstances, at times some aspects of the business are overlooked. This is the kind of situation which is uncommon for business owners, but is very common for us ! We provide systematic and standardised solutions to your random problems related to finance, accountancy and bookkeeping.

We specialize in non routine adhoc tasks related to finance, accounting and bookkeeping which are tedious, time consuming and requires specialized skills to handle.


Areas where we can be of help

Following are some of the areas where we can help:


Clearing accounting backlog

  • Help organise piled up backlog of accounting transactions / records
  • Help reconcile long outstanding bank accounts
  • Assist in ATO related long outstanding matters

Business reporting structure

  • Help to understand industry specific reporting requirements
  • Designing chart of accounts
  • Help developing business segmentation
  • Assist establishing cost and profit centres

Debtors management

  • Situation analysis
  • Setting up the process
  • Customize and setup debtor related reports e.g. customer aging reports
  • Setup emails for invoice circulation and reminders

Inventory management

  • Analyse inventory movement and determine requirement
  • Determine of optimum stock levels
  • Determine degree of control to achieve best results
  • Plan and design inventory control system
  • Help defining proper inventory valuation e.g. LIFO, FIFO, weighted average etc.
  • Reconcile physical inventory with records

Fixed assets management

  • Prepare fixed asset register
  • Help defining fixed assets policies & procedures
  • Help defining fixed assets valuation methods
  • Assist in physical verification of fixed assets
  • Help defining controls around fixed assets management

Reconciliation of balance sheet accounts

  • Identify accounts which need reconciliation
  • Determine frequency of reconciliation
  • Determine reconciliation types e.g. sub-ledger or a third-party statement
  • Identify reconciling items and their disposal
  • Document the process and train the staff

Financial reporting and analysis

  • Preparation of general purpose financial statements for management and board of directors
  • Special purpose financial statements intended for specific use e.g. banks, financial institutions, lenders, government
  • IFRS compliant financial statements
  • Financial analysis including relevant ratios vis a vis industry and / or past performance e.g. current ratio, working capital ratio, debt to equity ratio, liquidity ratio, inventory turnover, debtor turnover, cash to debtor ratios etc.

Customized reporting

  • Receivables reports
  • Payables report
  • Inventory reports
  • Fixed assets report
  • Sales & purchases reports
  • Financial ratios and analysis
  • Periodic management reports covering entire business

Monitoring and evaluation

  • Analysing budget variances
  • Accounting activities e.g. closing process
  • Ongoing projects e.g. implementation of accounting system
  • Specific time driven assignments

Training and support to staff

  • Set up of accounting software’s
  • Use of accounting software’s
  • Processing of transactions
  • Closing procedures
  • Designing of reports
  • Financial reporting

We are helping businesses in their specialized assignments.

Contact us today and we’ll tell you how we can help you.


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